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Simple, Systematic Success

Image of Adele Sommers

About Our Principal Associates


We’re a team of experts specializing in:

  • Business development, branding, marketing, and product positioning
  • E-learning, classroom training design, and organizational improvement
  • Coaching, group facilitation, and leadership development
  • Web design, presentation design, and multimedia production
  • System architecture and programming
  • Project and administrative support

In addition to Adele Sommers, Ph.D., our core business development and online learning design experts include:

  • Linda Waldon - Training management consultant and technology training trailblazer
  • Tim Maxwell - Systems analyst, architect, and designer of open systems, Web, and mobile applications

Linda Waldon

[Image of Linda Waldon]With 20+ years of experience in the training industry, Linda thrives in forward-moving environments where she showcases her ability to transform problems into solutions and deliver excellent training.

Linda infuses every business atmosphere with her own commitment to personal and professional achievement, welcoming the opportunity to pioneer new capabilities.

For example, Linda's experiences include designing first-ever certification programs in fields that include speech recognition, Internet, IT, software, and green technology for companies such as:

  • Nuance Communications, where she developed the first speech recognition training and certification program
  • USWeb, where she developed the first Internet training and certification program
  • Claris Corporation, where she launched the first FileMaker Developer Seminars, and
  • TechRepublic, where she designed an e-learning campus for IT professionals

Linda has managed and personally performed every aspect of:

  • Conducting needs assessments and task analyses
  • Managing training staffs and outsource teams
  • Directing training operations and managing budgets
  • Cultivating partnerships and formulating business contracts, and
  • Executing marketing programs

Tim Maxwell

[Image of Tim Maxwell]Tim's 25-year background in software development, systems engineering, and database administration at companies such as GM Hughes, Lockheed-Martin, and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) provided countless reasons to embrace a philosophy of elegance, robustness, reliability, and maintainability.

Many of Tim's corporate projects involved company-wide, mission-critical, data-driven systems that operated on multiple platforms, such as Unix, Windows, and Macintosh. With core operations at stake, Tim continually emphasized the need for a systematic, risk-averse approach to designing, developing, testing, releasing, and maintaining complex applications.

Today, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Business Performance Inc., Tim applies his "elegant-robust-reliable-maintainable" philosophy to all projects. He uses his well-honed skills in structured systems analysis, specification development, data modeling, architectural design (primarily using open systems), interface design, usability, and quality testing to achieve the best possible results.

Tim also specializes in iOS mobile app development, recently releasing an extensively researched tour of registered historic sites in San Luis Obispo County. The app is available through the iTunes AppStore.