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Make Poor Productivity
and Low Morale a Thing of the Past...

Learn How to Easily Identify and Cure the Symptoms of the
“Business Flu” — Including Rising Turnover, Wasted Energy,
and Cranky Employees and Customers!

From the desk of: Adele Sommers, Ph.D.

Dear Colleague,

Whether you’re a CEO, a consultant, manager, specialist, or generalist, you naturally have a burning desire to improve your company’s bottom line — and enhance the working conditions and camaraderie of those around you.

When circumstances aren’t ideal, people experience obstacles to productivity that lead to frustration. Remaining blissfully unaware of those conditions can decimate morale and dissolve organizational effectiveness like corrosive acid!

Have you ever noticed any of the following?

  • Energy dissipating through mysterious “cracks” in your organization
  • Employees mired in static job descriptions who never expand their skills
  • People who can’t seem to get anything done, even if they know what to do
  • Employees and customers both in the doldrums, or at each other’s throats
  • Aggravation with archaic procedures that are long overdue for an overhaul
  • Turnover escalating, primarily because people are quitting out of frustration
  • Painful losses of critical knowledge resident in the heads of people who left
  • Mixed signals rampant everywhere, so no one really knows what to believe

Fortunately, there’s a simple prescription you can follow that will cure those symptoms, and dramatically boost productivity, effectiveness, and enthusiasm!

Introducing the...

“Productivity Success Kit”

Productivity Success Kit

The “Guide to Boosting Productivity and Effectiveness” is a 36-page, PDF guidebook with powerful tips, techniques, and checklists to help you, your colleagues, and staff:

  • Increase and support personnel expertise to create a formidable business advantage
  • Remove any obstacles to productivity that drag people down and decimate profitability
  • Align signals in the organization, so everyone knows what’s expected of them and what will happen as a result!

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Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn...
All of My Productivity Success Secrets, Including How To:
Checkmark Expand personnel expertise — What should people learn to help the entire organization achieve its goals? How should you integrate learning with work? You’ll learn several low-cost, feasible ways to help people grow on the job.
Checkmark Design efficient, reusable processes — Creating robust systems and processes in your organization is crucial for laying a foundation for success. You’ll find seven important tips and shortcuts that will make this practice painless.
Checkmark Design information to help people act quickly — You’ll tap into industry secrets for helping people learn and apply on the fly. These include several leading-edge ways to design, format, and organize your information to maximize learning, retention, and application.
Checkmark Implement electronic performance support systems — Digital performance support tools can stretch personnel expertise, shorten the learning curves for new hires, and preserve your organization’s knowledge. Discover several ways to exploit this powerful approach!
Checkmark Eliminate obstacles to productivity — When people know how to do their jobs but can’t seem to function effectively, it’s often due to obstacles that block their path. Learn how to recognize and remove these hurdles to dramatically increase effectiveness and morale.
Checkmark Capture and apply lessons learned — Find out how to use this technique regularly to help preserve the priceless intellectual assets in your organization, mitigate the negative effects of attrition, and greatly shorten the time that employees need to solve problems.
Checkmark Align consequences to “walk your talk” — If you (or others) say one thing but do another, it sends mixed signals to employees and customers and produces mediocre results. Find out how to stop and reverse this problematic trend before it totally destroys morale!
Checkmark And much, much more...

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YES, Adele — I want to order your “Productivity Success Kit” right away so that I can start multiplying the morale and effectiveness in my organization!

I understand that for only $21.00, I’ll receive 36 pages of valuable content in the following instantly downloadable file:

PDF documentPDF Guide: “Guide to Boosting Productivity and Effectiveness”

I’ll have all the information I need to get started right away. I’m also protected by your 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, so I have nothing to lose.

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I strongly believe that this tool kit will help you optimize productivity and set the conditions for success in your organization, enabling people to do their best work. The stronger the foundation for success, the more satisfying everyone’s efforts will be, and the more profitable your business will become!

And don’t forget that you have one full year to try it out — risk free — so you’ll have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Here’s to your business success,
Adele Sommers, Ph.D.
Business performance specialist and award-winning author, educator, and speaker

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