“Master the Secrets I’ve Learned, Adapted, or Invented While Working in Large, Deep-Pocket Corporations to Boost Your Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability in Both Your Business and Personal Life...”

Are you:

red bullet An entrepreneur creating new products and services, striving to improve customer satisfaction, or seeking ways to boost business performance?

red bullet An employee in the trenches trying hard to improve the morale and productivity around you, even though you're not the boss?

red bullet Running an organization or department, yet feeling frustrated because your efforts don't seem to produce the great results you want?

red bullet An outside consultant or contractor using trial and error to figure out how to better influence your colleagues and projects?

red bullet A member of a religious, school, youth, or sports group (or nonprofit organization) looking for better ways to run meetings, carry out programs, and increase volunteer productivity?

I understand your concerns. I know firsthand how challenging it is to create the conditions for success. Strategizing the best way to handle meetings, manage projects, boost productivity, design products and programs, and satisfy customers can be tricky!

Here's the good news. You don't need to be an expert or hire an expensive consultant to help you blast through these challenges. You do need specific information, however, and that information will help you change everything. Regardless of your role in your organization, I guarantee that you can make a major difference in positively shaping the outcome for all concerned.

Why should I listen to you?

  • I have a master's degree in business management and a doctorate in education, with an emphasis on human and business performance.
  • I'm a veteran of 20+ years of corporate life, working in both large and small technology firms as an employee, contractor, or consultant.
  • As a business performance consultant and educator, I coach many types of companies, freelance professionals, and other entrepreneurs like myself.

I've learned how important it is to have the right tools in place when we're trying to direct or influence people to merge their energies effectively to get something done — otherwise it feels a lot like herding cats!

That's why I want to make sure that you never run out of time-tested techniques for handling some of the trickiest situations, so you can avoid preventable problems that would otherwise mire your projects and meetings in quicksand and eat away at your results, productivity, and morale like corrosive acid.

To do this, I'm packaging all of my hard-won knowledge into easy-to-understand, information-packed “success kits” that anyone, with any size organization or budget can use to get immediate results.

“Adele, the practical power behind your 'Success Kits' gives me chills down my spine! Everyone — and I mean everyone — should use these kits to improve both their professional and personal effectiveness.”

— Rich Bingham,
Small business advisor and Founder, NowGetCreative.com

All of my specialized skills and insights in areas like project management, meeting management, product development, customer satisfaction, instructional design, quality assurance, problem-solving, information design, systems thinking, usability, and team leadership are being condensed and distilled into these ready-to-use kits. I've rolled up my sleeves and worked long and hard, so that you won't need to spend a fraction of the time that I've spent acquiring these invaluable skills!

The standard versions of these kits contain everything you'll need to get started:

  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Step-by-step, “how-to” instructions
  • Detailed examples and case studies
  • Audio recordings and transcripts

I can't say for certain precisely what will excite you the most about finally being able to boost the success of your projects and meetings (or the ones you participate in), but my guess is that you'll feel extremely relieved and gratified when you download these powerful tool kits today!

I'm offering these standard success kits individually as well as in a specially priced set to help you gain even more traction!

“Project Success Kit” (Standard version)

"Quick-Start Guide to Project Risk Management" by Adele SommersHow would you like to finally get rid of splitting project headaches once and for all?

APEX Award emblemNow you can, with my Project Success Kit guiding your team! Learn to recognize six common project traps and 10 major project risks, which you can tackle instead of ignore.

Follow simple, step-by-step instructions on how to work with all of the risks you identify, using a set of interactive forms and tools that will lead you and your team every step of the way. Learn valuable techniques for project planning and estimating to help you gauge every project accurately and realistically!

This kit contains:

  • “Quick-Start Guide to Project Risk Management,” PDF symbolwhich has a collection of tools and templates to help you avoid problems with failed projects due to over-optimism, poor planning, or under-estimating your project endeavors. The standard version also includes detailed sections on project planning and advanced techniques for assessing risks — and

  • PDF symbolSpeaker playingOver 120 minutes of MP3 Audio with two PDF Transcripts and Note-Taking Guides. They offer even more insights into how to reduce project risks, estimate more accurately, and plan effectively!

  • Click here for more information (the description page opens in a separate window).

I sure wish that I had had something like this when I started managing projects! It would have been a HUGE time and money saver for me to know this stuff up-front rather than having to learn from my mistakes.

Jean Harrison, Principal


“Meeting Success Kit” (Standard version)

"Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling Meetings," by Adele SommersHow would you like to transform your meetings from time wasters to time savers?

APEX Award emblemNow you can, with my “how-to” tools for making your meetings hum and participants sing on key!

No more sharps or flats with my award-winning Meeting Success Kit by your side.

Imagine how good you'll feel when people say how much they love your meetings because they can finally get things done and go home on time!

This kit contains:

  • “Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling Meetings,” PDF symbolwhich provides you the A-to-Z tips you need, and contains powerful step-by-step checklists, templates, and examples that are guaranteed to erase meeting headaches forever — even if you're not the person running the meetings. The standard version also includes in-depth, advanced case studies for more complex situations that require a delicate political touch — and

  • PDF symbolSpeaker playing62 minutes of MP3 Audio with a PDF Transcript and Note-Taking Guide. They provide even more techniques for helping you make meetings work, either as the leader or a participant!

  • Click here for more information (the description page opens in a separate window).

“No one ever has to feel victimized by bad meetings again — like I used to be — even in some of my own. I highly recommend Adele's Meeting Success Kit. . . I can see that it will save our company at least $50,000 over the next year — just in preventing wasted meeting time alone!”

— Stephanie Frank,
Author, The Accidental Millionaire

Special 2-Item Offer (Standard versions)

Available now — Get the Meeting Kit and Project Kit together!

Buy this two-item set at a specially discounted package price!

"Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling Meetings" by Adele Sommers
"Quick-Start Guide to Project Risk Management" by Adele Sommers
Success Kit
Success Kit

These kits go hand-in-hand, and will help you achieve stellar success with all of your project endeavors. You'll have instant access to both sets of downloads.

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100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWith any of my products, your orders are protected by my 100% unconditional, 56-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why I am offering you a full 56 days to test-drive my products. If these products do not live up to your expectations during that time, I will immediately refund your money. No questions asked.

I know these tools will help you make an immediate difference in your organization. Not only will they help propel your business to greater success, but you'll be perceived as a highly effective and competent leader. This alone can have a tremendous influence on your business relationships or career advancement!

Adele SommersHere's to your business prosperity,

Adele Sommers

Adele Sommers, Ph.D.
Business performance guide and award-winning author

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