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Frequently Asked Questions

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When I try to download the app by using my iPhone, I get an error saying the file is too large. Why is that?

There is a limit on the size of apps that can be downloaded directly to a device that is using a cellular connection. For 3G service, this limit is 20 MB. Since the app is currently just over 50 MB in size, you must use one of the following two methods to download the app to your phone:

  • Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network before attempting to download the app.
  • Use your desktop or laptop computer that has iTunes installed. From within iTunes on your computer, first download the app. Next, attach your mobile device to the computer. From within iTunes on your computer, select the app to be loaded, and then click the "Sync" button.
When will there be a version of the app for other platforms?

My primary development platform is the Macintosh, which is why I began this project by focusing on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad systems. At some point in the future, I may implement an Android version, but my "day job" takes precedence. At this time, I have no concrete plans to pursue Android development.

How is the app intended to be used?

Please go to the Home page to see an overview of one way to use it.

How can I e-mail one of the images to a friend?

Most of the images that are used in the app are copyrighted, and most of the copyright holders do not permit uncontrolled distribution of their images. For this reason, the app does not provide you with the ability to print, export, or transmit any embedded image. However, some copyright holders do allow free non-commercial use of their images. Check the "info" view for any image you are interested in, as it may provide a link to a Web site where the image can be downloaded.

Why isn't my favorite historical site included?

The app currently covers sites that are listed as California Historical Landmarks, or that are in the National Register of Historic Places, and are located in San Luis Obispo County, California. If a site isn't on one of those two lists, or is not located in San Luis Obispo County, it won't be in this version of the app. The app is designed to easily add new sites, but a large amount of time is needed to research the sites, locate historical images, and obtain permission to use the images.

Is there an app that covers the sites in a different county?

Not yet, but the software was designed to easily cover other counties, or states. Again, the inhibiting factor is the time necessary to do the required research on the sites, locate historical images, and obtain permission to use the images.