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Sample Participant Comments from
the “Presentation Design” Online Coaching Series
by Adele Sommers

“Thank you again for a superb course....

“I learned a great deal and enjoyed very much the collaboration and online interaction with everyone!”

— Leticia Pérez Miller
Principal, Tilde Translations

“I’m just so impressed, Adele, with your ability
to lay this whole thing out...

“I’m not necessarily the best mental-process organized person. I tend to have a lot of scattered ideas and it’s really hard for me to organize them into a good, logical format. So going through this process with you having laid this out — it’s AMAZING, it’s like the presentation is writing itself. I can see with such clarity how this is helping me just sit down and start. That’s a huge hurdle for me normally.”

— Lori Steed
Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer at LoriSteed.com

“My presentation design style has totally
changed as a result of this program...

“It flows a lot more, and has much more punch. It’s become visually beautiful rather than extremely spotty and ‘bullet-y.’ I have much, much more confidence and a sense of really knowing what I’m doing. I have a sense of mastery that I was nowhere near previously. It’s a day and night difference.

“In the first presentation I gave during the program, the audience’s response was overwhelmingly positive, or in the professor’s words, ‘Fantastic!’ (3 times, even!).

“After the second presentation, I felt elated and somehow affluent. There was a near-record turnout (60% of the organization’s members). The response was again overwhelmingly positive, and is likely to lead to a 1–2 hour presentation some time in the future.

“I received several suggestions for follow-on presentations and several people were interested in my giving Webinars. I also have been requested ... to give a presentation at a statewide workshop next spring. A dozen attendees signed up for my newsletter, and I also have a possible authoring collaboration.

“There is great excitement on my part about turning my career in a new direction!”

— Steve Burgess
Principal, Burgess Forensics

“This workshop series far exceeded
my expectations...

“It was valuable on so many levels. I’m especially pleased to have learned (among other things)...

  • A step-by-step method for developing and organizing my thoughts, and creating a clear, carefully structured presentation with a logical, audience-centric flow.
  • The importance of detailed customer ‘personas’ to better understand my target customers’ perspectives and ‘hot buttons,’ allowing me to design presentations that specifically address their needs.
  • The technique of organizing topics and subtopics with a ‘3-act’ storytelling method.
  • The importance of color coding and other ‘design cues’ that differentiate the individual parts of a presentation for better clarity, retention and flow.

“Requiring us to have an actual project to work on — especially one that could be used in our business or life instead of just ‘busy work’ — made the information more relevant, interesting and satisfying. Since each person had a different situation, I enjoyed seeing the variety and distinctive ‘personality’ of each project as it unfolded.

“I liked the ‘hands on’ aspect of working as a small group on our respective projects. Not only was getting feedback on my own project helpful, I learned just as much from listening while you worked with others. The day and time of the calls fit well into my schedule. (It didn’t interrupt my work day.) In addition to the wealth of information you provided, I also liked the:

  • The Go-to-Meeting format, which allowed excellent visual and audio interaction capabilities.
  • Your Online University’s comprehensive information and ease of use. (An amazing structural and organizational feat! Congratulations! Truly impressive.)
  • The ability to go back and replay past sessions. (With so much information packed into each one, it was easy to forget or simply miss things that were said.)

The information-rich content, completeness of the course materials that we could download, and online tools were stellar — as were your excellent phone conference, presentation and leadership skills. Everything seemed to flow well, was easy to follow and understand, and it was even entertaining.

My presentation style has changed completely, now that I know how much better it can be with a little more planning and using the techniques and story-telling principles I learned. (I’ll never look at a bullet-point laden PowerPoint slide in the same way again — or without annoyance!)

“It’s empowering and reassuring to know a proven formula for creating presentations, and have a comprehensive workbook and online tools to assure success. From ‘tactical’ to ‘practical,’ you covered it all.Again, bravo on a job well done.”

— Robin Dudley
Principal, Dudley Communications

“Over the years, I have created, produced and moderated a countless number of radio shows and teleseminars...

“In all of that time, I have not seen content presented so thoroughly as that presented by Dr. Adele Sommers. The delivery and knowledge Adele possesses is top notch and top shelf. Her 8-week seminar series, ‘Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance,’ was highly informative, very enlightening, and very educational.

“Adele’s presentation style is straightforward and delivered in a way that allows listeners to ‘get it.’ If you’re really serious about boosting the bottom line of a business you work in or own, you have to do yourself a favor and listen to Adele. When she speaks, people who are serious about business listen.”

Greg Williams,
Moderator, “Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance,” Seminar Series

Here’s to your business success,
Adele Sommers, Ph.D.
Business performance specialist and award-winning author, educator, and speaker

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