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Business Consulting and Mentoring

Business owners, managers, team leaders, and
solo professionals...

Are you:

  • Running an organization or department, yet feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to produce the great results you want?
  • An entrepreneur seeking new ways to boost your business performance to achieve the success you deserve, or pinpoint a new direction to pursue?
  • An outside contributor using trial and error to figure out how to influence your colleagues and projects for the better?
  • Working in the nonprofit or public sector arenas, looking for effective ways to run meetings, carry out programs, and increase staff productivity?

We understand your concerns. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to create the conditions for success. Whether you run a big ship, a small yacht, or are rowing your own boat to serve your clients or customers, charting the most effective course can be tricky!

So, where can you turn? For ideas, please see the options below, which include our new complimentary coaching programs...

Consider Our Business Consulting Services

Adele Sommers, Ph.D. brings over two decades of corporate experience with award-winning outcomes. Organizational leaders, managers, and independent professionals have used her insight-filled business performance perspective to help them plan where they want to head, and then create the tools, systems, processes, instruction, information, and strategies they’ll need to get there.

For example, Adele can work with you to:

  • Assess your specific needs and requirements
  • Pinpoint performance gaps in your organization
  • Design and develop relevant training, including online learning
  • Gauge and improve the effectiveness of your meetings, projects, personnel, products, and services
  • Create exceptional offerings that your customers will love
  • Optimize your organization’s systems and processes
  • Identify “hassles” and eliminate obstacles, and
  • Create a strategic road map for success!

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