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The testimonials below for Adele Sommers, Ph.D. endorse her business performance consulting services, training and e-learning design projects, and mentoring and coaching activities. Also see:

Comments from Adele’s Clients and Associates

These samples exemplify the kind of feedback Adele often receives from her clients and colleagues on e-learning and workshop-based training projects, presentation and multimedia designs, performance consulting, and business coaching services.

“Adele, I just wanted to let you know that I
went through each document...

“...in the CreditLab course files and thought you did an amazing job with the course work. The information was quite thorough, easy to understand, and interesting. The layouts were beautiful and so easy to read and nice on the eyes.

“Great job! Thank you for all your hard work.”

— Gail Galuppo, Chief Operating Officer, BankersLab Inc.

“I'd like to extend a very special thank you...

“The materials are beautiful... I'm pleased to report that in my view, it was well worth it. The learning lessons popped out and they were easy to use... The course materials are beautiful and the content is nicely presented, and I think as we roll out to more trainers, they will enjoy using the materials.

“Congratulations on a fabulous job done!”

— Michelle Katics, Chief Executive Officer, BankersLab Inc.

Sample participant comments after attending some of the banking risk-management courses...

“The course was great. Thank you for the immense amount of thought and time that you, very apparently, put into the content. I've attended and taught a number of risk courses over the years, and the participation level this week was good. This is strong evidence that the material was interesting and your styles were engaging.”

“After the course, some of the key senior people stayed to give us additional feedback. They said they loved the materials. They liked the visual slides and having the detailed information in front of them. They said that the method of having the questions up on the board and the answers in the book kept them very engaged, and the format of the materials helped them remain engaged. They noticed that all terms were defined before they were used and were grateful for that.”

Participants from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Bahrain, all from risk departments in middle to senior management roles, gave the program a 90% rating for “I would recommend this course to others.” Overall course satisfaction scored 86%.

“Feedback from U.S. participants included ‘The course was great,’ ‘Fantastic,’ and ‘The best course I've ever attended, and I've been to a lot of courses.’ The content also attracted rave reviews. Most [of the bank’s] courses are internally developed, and in their own description, are ‘really long PowerPoint presentations without learning design.’ They had a positive reaction to the learning design features of the materials and quality of the content. . . . To be quite honest, we knew that the product was good. But even we were humbled by the rave reviews and gushing feedback!”

“Adele is a great project manager and produces
work of the highest quality...

“She is able work very well with detailed tasks while keeping an effective ‘big picture’ perspective. She always meets deadlines and puts in the extra effort necessary to produce top-quality results.

“Adele is also an enthusiastic collaborator and a fantastic team player who is able to accommodate vastly different personality types and work styles of global production teams.

“I am happy to give her my highest recommendation.” [More...]

— Christopher Dilts, Principal, Christopher Dilts & Associates

“Adele, thank you so much for your diligence...

“...your attention to detail, outstanding effort and commensurate dedication and professionalism. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this project, and I look forward to our next engagement!”

— Eric Zenor, Sr. Learning Consultant
CUNA Mutual Group – Organizational Capability

“Amazing. Bravo!”

“You have lived up to your promise.” [More...]

— Dr. Mikol Davis & Carolyn Rosenblatt
Co-founders, AgingInvestor.com

“We want to personally thank you...

“...for the good work you do in supporting us on an ongoing basis. You did a great job with the Trust Building® Online platform — you are the best!” [More...]

— Dennis Reina, Ph.D. & Michelle Reina, Ph.D.
Co-founders of The Reina Trust Building® Institute

“Adele was very open to designing experiential exercises in our Project Management
workshop series…

“...that enabled participants to internalize the information, and really helped people ‘get it.’

“Adele’s flexibility, positive focus, and sense of humor made it possible to accommodate the very diverse needs and requests of the participants, such as by taking ideas directly from the session evaluations.”

— Margo Garcia Pardini, Human Resources Manager

“Adele, you’re a Grand Award Winner in the 2011 APEX Competition for Publication Excellence...

“...for ‘Bob’s Excellent Presentation Adventures.’ [It’s an] edgy, clever multimedia show. Nothing boring here. It's a real attention grabber — and keeper. The interactive training segments force the audience to participate and to think. A very well-thought out training approach.”

— Official judges’ comments
2011 APEX Competition, APEXAwards.com

“Adele is one of those rare consultants who is
inspirational to work with...

“...and who approaches her projects with a joyous and infectious enthusiasm. Her consulting interests are wide-ranging and encompass both top-down and bottom-up processes and strategies. She enjoys looking at business opportunities from all angles — from assessing their high-level potential to ‘reality-checking’ whether they are truly feasible. Adele is a stickler for thoroughly vetting a range of options, as well as uncovering and strengthening the weak areas in business models.

“In the technology arena, she’s a strong advocate for building brand loyalty. To that end, I've observed her passion for using interface analysis and design skills to make Web sites and software usable, engaging, and empowering.

“Last but not least, the analysis projects I’ve seen her complete consistently emphasize simple, elegant, and practical solutions.”

— Bruce Klickstein, VP Business Development, Dozuki.com

“I recently had the pleasure of engaging Adele in a day-long planning session...

“...around our company’s strategy and direction. What I got was more than I had expected, in that she was able to help me see and validate trends in our shifting marketscape that I could then monetize.”

“For example, Adele takes a unique approach to what she calls ‘Blue Ocean Strategizing’ where she is able to facilitate a discussion to identify relevant industry trends, and then combines her business perspective with strategic planning to craft a unique and creative business approach. I look forward to working with her again and again.”

— Mike Agron, Managing Principal & Executive Webinar Producer at WebAttract, LLC

“Adele made major contributions to our company…

“...in educating our staff on product testing and related quality assurance issues.

“Adele is highly qualified in her field. I worked closely with her and learned many valuable things about product quality that will yield benefits in the years to come.”

— Michael Hart, President, DBA Software Inc.

“Adele, your expertise in the business world is
a breath of fresh air...

“As soon as your principles are put into action, they get results. I know that we have improved meeting and project performance in our company — especially by eliminating wasted time and reducing risks.

“Your diverse business experience allows you to teach business owners like me how they can facilitate improvements in their companies.”

— Dick Stucki, President, Bonneville Publishing Co.

“No one ever has to feel victimized by bad meetings
again — like I used to be — even in some of my own.

“Adele has given us the step-by-step details on how all of the attendees, not just the leader, can take responsibility for making meetings work… I can see that it will save our company at least $50,000 over the next year — just in preventing wasted meeting time alone.”

— Stephanie Frank,,
Business consultant and author, “The Accidental Millionaire”

“Adele is one of the most insightful and dynamic
business consultants I know...

“...and I am honored to be associated with someone of her caliber. Her organization, passion, intuitive insights, and proven processes for helping people improve their business results are second to none and I consider her part of my world-class network of business professionals.

“I recommend her wholeheartedly for any endeavor and feel she adds value to each of her engagements.”

— Scott Andrews, CEO, ARRiiVE Business Solutions

“Over the years, I have created, produced, and
moderated countless radio shows and teleseminars...

“In all of that time, I have never seen training content presented so thoroughly as that presented by Dr. Adele Sommers.

“The delivery and knowledge Adele possesses is top-notch and top-shelf. Adele’s presentation style is straightforward and delivered in a manner that allows listeners to ‘get it.’

“People who are really serious about boosting the bottom line of a business they work in or own should do themselves a favor and listen to Adele. When she speaks, people who are serious about business listen.”

— Greg Williams, Business Consultant and Training Producer

“Adele is an outstanding organizational consultant, facilitator, and designer...

“...of custom workshops and training. She is a rare professional who brings depth and grace to the programs and processes she designs and facilitates, which I have observed firsthand.

“Adele gets lasting results because her top-notch tools and techniques provide the right remedy for many organizational challenges. Plus, she has the added gift of helping employees become who they need to BE to communicate well, lead well, cooperate well, and perform well.”

— Dianne Legro, President, Speaking Success International

“This online workshop series far exceeded
my expectations...

“...The information-rich content, completeness of the course materials that we could download, and online tools were stellar — as were your excellent phone conference, presentation and leadership skills...

“My presentation style has changed completely, now that I know how much better it can be with a little more planning and using the techniques and story-telling principles I learned.”

— Robin Dudley, Principal, Dudley Communications

“Adele, you are a superstar!

“I loved your presentation last night (and from what I overheard from the rest of the group, I wasn’t the only one)!

“I can’t wait to implement your brilliant ideas into my next project, and explore some of the links you shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Elizabeth McGregor, Principal, Fine Lines Communications

“Adele, I just want to thank you for your superb presentation on Monday...

“I had a presentation this morning and I incorporated many of your points and my handout looked nearly as professional as yours!

“You are a wonderfully accomplished presenter, and your resources are excellent. I appreciate what you do very much.”

— Ed Cox, Group Chair, Vistage International

“One word comes to mind when I think of
Adele Sommers...

“...as a professional, as a facilitator, as a mentor, as a person, and as a friend — passionate. Often, I have sought Adele’s guidance because she exhibits a unique style of informal coaching that has helped me increase my confidence and has contributed significantly to my success.

“By sharing her experience, expertise, and inspiration, Adele has helped many individuals in a variety of professions, colleagues, college students, and members of the community at large realize how much more they really can achieve in their desire to ‘boost performance.’

“Over the years that I have known Adele, she has always been sincerely interested in the growth of others, is supremely attentive, contributes meaningful suggestions, is forever supportive through her enthusiasm and encouragement, and remains dedicated to ensure a positive outcome.”

— Michael Lujan
Principal, On The Same Page Technical Writing Services

“Adele, you’ve done a wonderful job!

“You made me think out my strengths and uniqueness — just like I do with my clients.”

— Carol Christen, Career Strategist & Author,
“What Color Is Your Parachute? For Teens”

“Adele is an amazing coach...

“...she is dedicated, imaginative, and has great rapport with her clients. Her creative exercises stimulate thought and growth, and really clear the cobwebs away from your mind. Her enthusiastic and expert presentations and ancillary materials are a terrific inspiration. I would unhesitatingly recommend her services.”

— Sonsie Conroy, Realtor®

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