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Are you facing a critical presentation that involves a
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Let our office help you with your project to ensure the results you need! From presentation advice and consulting, to rolling up our sleeves and crawling inside the minds and hearts of your prospective audiences, we’ll take the burden off of your shoulders for your next high-stakes speaking or workshop event.

For example...

  • We’ll help you frame your story around what your audience wants to hear — and needs to know — ensuring a riveted response to your information.
  • We’ll craft your presentation from scratch when time and budget allow, creating a stellar, unforgettable message and highly actionable outcome.
  • In a time crunch? We can make over your existing presentation using research-backed design principles that will amplify its effectiveness many times over.
  • We’ll provide production advice on how to convert your presentations into self-paced tutorials, classroom training, product packages, or Web videos — or we can perform these services for you ourselves.
  • See samples and pricing for presentation design and similar projects in our Online Learning Catalog.

Don’t let this essential planning and design work wait until the very last minute, or simply leave it up to chance, because...

You Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer
to Improve Your Presentation Results!

As you sit there, pondering your past experiences with presentations — some of which you’d surely rather forget — it’s hard to predict exactly what will gratify you the most about finally being able to give extraordinary, compelling performances that truly motivate your audiences and spur them to action.

But we believe you’ll feel a huge sense of relief and excitement as you take action today to vastly boost the power and effectiveness of your presentations! You should also feel encouraged by knowing that presentation designer Adele Sommers, Ph.D. received a 2011 Grand Award for a story-based presentation design project. This is the highest recognition in the annual APEX Competition for Publication Excellence, conferred on only three percent of the thousands of entries submitted.

“Adele, the presentation you designed for us
was a home run!

“It flowed beautifully, told the story, and enabled the audience to absorb, understand, and assimilate complex information. In other words, it helped us achieve a very positive outcome with our clients.

“They were impressed. Thank you.”

— Michelle Reina, Ph.D.
Co-founder of The Reina Trust Building® Institute

“It's unanimous. We LOVE it!”

“This should do it with the ‘wow’ factor we wanted. Excellent integration of all we discussed about the critical points to make, and excellent use of images. Thank you for the description and for making it obvious that they need this. I am glad that the call to action is very clear.

“I think you are quickly making yourself an indispensable part of our project! We appreciate you. Thank you.”

— Carolyn Rosenblatt & Dr. Mikol Davis

“Adele, you’ve done such an outstanding job of designing presentations for my clients...

“From dramatically improving their existing presentations to developing all new material, each project has demonstrated your talents and the benefits of using the powerful design and storytelling principles you practice.

“Especially for the projects that involve heavy technical, clinical, or academic details, you’ve always found ways to bring that information to life, insert a human element, and translate the meaning of the data so that it touches people at a deep and personal level.

“For example, the Reina Trust Building® Institute applauded your approach to transforming dry, abstract statistical summaries into easy-to-understand visual highlights that bring meaning to the data for non-technical audiences. BHP Billiton has thanked us repeatedly for the effective, slide-based, online curriculum you designed. Other clients, such as the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, have expressed similar sentiments about your instructional material.

“The online interactions, animations, and videos you produced from a slide foundation have consistently impressed clients and their audiences. We’ve received enthusiastic feedback and repeat business due to the quality of your work on these projects.

“From a story-telling perspective, you've developed a proven process for gathering core ideas from clients using recorded interviews, and you feature them in presentations in a way that makes the audience very receptive to the key concepts. I really appreciate how your distilled conversations with clients form the basis for the inventive designs you create. The results are visually appealing and they also flow in a clear, logical, and ordered way.

“Thanks, Adele. It’s been a pleasure to work with you on these projects and to provide my full endorsement of your capabilities.”

— Christopher Dilts,
Principal, Christopher Dilts & Associates

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