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From the desk of: Adele Sommers, Ph.D.

I developed this suite of potent, easy-to-use tools from insights gained over two decades while working in organizations of all sizes, in a wide range of industries. They will help you boost your group’s profitability, effectiveness, confidence, and morale — even if you’re not the person running the show!

See the sections below for:

  1. Meeting Management Tools
  2. Productivity & Effectiveness Tools
  3. Project & Risk Management Tools
  4. Product & Service Value Tools
  5. Strategic Planning Tools

I hope you find these resources useful! I value your questions, ideas, and comments, so please contact me any time to ask a question, contribute an idea, or make a suggestion.

Meeting Management Tools:

Use the Meeting Management Checklist to make your meetings harmonious and your participants sing on key! For more information about running effective meetings, see my “Meeting Success Kit.”

PDF documentMeeting Management Checklist (18K PDF)

PDF documentAction Item Worksheet (17K PDF)

PDF documentDecision-Making Tool Guide (17K PDF)

Productivity & Effectiveness Tools:

Use the Uncovering “Burning Hassles” and Removing “Burning Hassles” checklists to stomp out frustrating obstacles to success in your organization. For more information on boosting productivity and morale, see my “Productivity Success Kit.”

PDF documentUncovering “Burning Hassles” Checklist (44K PDF)

PDF documentRemoving “Burning Hassles” Checklist (52K PDF)

Project & Risk Management Tools:

Use the Project Planning Checklist to think through 17 critical aspects of your next large or small project. Use the Project Plan Template to help you write an actual plan. Use the Project Plan Sample for ideas on preparing your plan. For more information on managing projects, see my “Project Success Kit.”

PDF document Project Planning Checklist (16K PDF)

PDF documentProject Plan Template (152K Word)

PDF documentProject Plan Template (31K PDF)

PDF documentProject Plan Sample (136K PDF)

Use the Identifying Project Risks checklist and Managing Project Risks worksheet to identify, assess, and mitigate the potential risks on your very next project. For more information on managing projects, see my “Project Success Kit.”

PDF documentIdentifying Project Risks (20K PDF)

PDF documentManaging Project Risks (56K PDF)

Use the Capturing “Lessons Learned” and Smoothly Rolling Out Projects checklists to use both hindsight and foresight to make your future projects even more successful. Use the Beta Testing Checklist to help ensure that what you roll out is working correctly. For more information on managing projects, see my “Project Success Kit.”

PDF documentCapturing “Lessons Learned” (16K PDF)

PDF document Smoothly Rolling Out Projects (16K PDF)

PDF documentFunctional Testing Checklist (89K PDF)

PDF documentBeta Testing Checklist (25K PDF)

Product & Service Value Tools:

Use the Researching Customer Needs checklist for ideas on ways to discover what your customers truly want and need. Use the Eliminating Customer Hassles checklist to begin removing customer headaches from your offerings. For more information on researching customers, see my “Customer Success Kit.”

PDF document Researching Customer Needs (16K PDF)

PDF documentEliminating Customer Hassles (16K PDF)

Use the fictitious Persona Profile Example below to get an idea of what to consider when creating your own personas. (A persona is a character sketch representing one segment of your target audience.) Use the Persona Profile Template to create your own personas. For more information on persona profiles, see my “Customer Success Kit.”

PDF documentPersona Profile Example (Rosa) (161K PDF)

PDF documentPersona Profile Template (132K Word)

Use the Functional Testing Checklist to guide you in performing a variety of product and service tests and evaluations. Use the Beta Testing Checklist to carry out your next testing campaign successfully. For more information on testing products, see my “Customer Success Kit.”

PDF documentFunctional Testing Checklist (89K PDF)

PDF documentBeta Testing Checklist (25K PDF)

Strategic Planning Tools:

Use the Strategic Startup Planning Checklist to plan for seven strategic aspects of your new enterprise.

PDF documentStrategic Startup Planning Checklist (96K PDF)