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Services Overview

Business Owners, Training Leaders, Managers,
Authors, Speakers, and Solo Professionals...

If you are looking to improve your organization’s performance; broaden employee capabilities; solve thorny challenges; gather new business insights, awareness, and confidence; develop training or technical solutions; or convey your core message more powerfully — we have several ways to support you!

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  1. Training & Development ServicesDo you have an organizational learning need? Discover how our associates will join forces with you to design, develop, and deliver highly effective classroom-based or online training that supports mentoring, coaching, and team collaboration. We’ll adapt your existing content into a new curriculum, or create the content from scratch, using our best-practice development techniques.
    1. Online Learning Catalog See samples and pricing for our instructional design, presentations, and online marketing projects.
  2. Presentation Design & Training Services Learn how we can help you (a speaker, thought-leader, persuader, policymaker, educator, or “mover and shaker”) produce highly persuasive presentations that will inform, inspire, and spur your audiences to take action! Here are some options to choose from...
    1. Schedule a “Quick-Start Clinic” – Make immediate improvements from just one workshop that apply to any presentations you create with slide software. You will learn a wealth of simple, practical skills that you, your colleagues, and staff can begin implementing right away.
    2. Enlist Our Design & Production Assistance – If you have a critical “must-have,” “must-do,” or “must-win” presentation on the horizon, we’ll provide the expert, personalized, design and production assistance that will enable you to achieve the results you’re seeking!
  1. Business Consulting & Mentoring Find out how our team will work closely with you to assess and boost achievement in your organization through our customized business consulting services, or help you gain new business insights, awareness, and confidence through personalized coaching and mentoring programs!