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Have an online learning need? Our team can effectively adapt your existing content into an online curriculum, or work with you to create the content from the ground up, using best-practice instructional-design techniques. Award-winning instructional and media designer Adele Sommers, Ph.D. ensures that every project achieves the very best possible results.

Use the links below to jump to the descriptions and samples of our current online learning products and services. Because client projects are typically proprietary, you can instead view non-proprietary, public-domain-sourced, and marketing campaign projects produced using Articulate Storyline, Rise 360, Articulate Studio, Camtasia, CreateStudio Pro, Powtoon, Adobe Captivate, and more. After viewing the information on this page, please contact us with any questions you might have regarding how we can support your very next project!



Learning Services Overview

Description Take the Tour!
This Overview of Four Learning Modes gives an in-depth, interactive tour of various samples that appear on this page, and more. It includes a summary of four variations of training design, along with the time and cost to produce them (based on research by the Chapman Alliance).

Developed in Articulate Storyline, it embodies content from a variety of multimedia tools. This project garnered an APEX Grand Award in the Competition for Publication Excellence in 2022.

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Click the icon below to walk through the cost estimates and work samples at your own pace. You can also deploy the research data in your very next project!

Learning Services Overview

Sample E-learning Mini-Modules

Description Take the Tour!
This medley of mini-modules imparts nuggets of insight followed by mastery challenges at the end of each sample.

Using ChatGPT in Instructional Design (Rise 360) examines a variety of ways that instructional designers and their teams can creatively use ChatGPT to enhance online education for both learners and instructors.
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Using ChatGPT in Instructional Design
Can You Pass the Midnight Test? (Storyline and CreateStudio Pro). This module covers several key factors that affect customer satisfaction, yet rarely receive enough attention. However, they often affect the performance of our products, services, systems, and content in many consequential ways.
Can You Pass the Midnight Test?
Tour of Four Learning Modes (Rise 360). This project explores four genres of training design, plus the effort and cost to create them. The four genres are 1) informational presentations, 2) instructor-led training, 3) eLearning, and 4) blended learning. Tour of Four Learning Modes

Self-Paced Multimedia Training

Product or Service Samples
Multimedia training can take many forms that blend graphics, audio, video, animation, and text. These samples are on financial education.

Setting Your Goals (Storyline). This project excerpt includes tips on creating a vision board, and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.
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Setting Your Goals video
Why Open a Retirement Account (Storyline). This partial lesson gives an explanation of the Rule of 72 as a tool to estimate the time value of money in the context of retirement planning. It contains an interactive click-to-reveal graphic at the end. Tour of Four Learning Modes video
Understanding Your Credit Score (Storyline). This sample examines the details of the five factors that affect credit scores: Your payment history, amounts you owe, length of your credit history, credit mix, and new credit and credit inquiries. Understanding Your Credit Score video

Presentations & Web Seminars

Product or Service Samples
Presentations are opportunities to create a powerful first impression! These examples were delivered in person initially, then set to music.

Crystal-Clear Slide Visuals (PowerPoint, Articulate Studio). This lesson from my presentation design course illustrates the most common mistakes in slide presentations and how to fix or prevent them.
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Crystal-Clear Slide Visuals video
Information Design Techniques (PowerPoint, Articulate Studio).
This two-part presentation explores information design techniques that often dramatically improve project outcomes. It illustrates leading-edge practices for creating viewer-friendly content, and offers tips on how to engineer positive user experiences.
Information Design Techniques video
Senior-Specific Programs (PowerPoint, Articulate Studio). This marketing presentation highlights cognitive impairments that seniors could face while they are clients of financial planners, and what those planners may need to be aware of to protect their clients’ interests. Senior-Specific Financial Programs video

Specialized Quizzes & Surveys

Product or Service Samples
Specialized quizzes and surveys offer countless ways to create novel training experiences and marketing campaigns!

Product & Service Quiz (Storyline). The 14 questions in this whimsical quiz help assess customer satisfaction with your offerings, couched in the context of a wild outer-space adventure. There are limitless creative variations on this approach that can enhance the success of marketing and elearning endeavors.
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A space-themed self-assessment video on product and service value
Treasure Hunt Video (PowerPoint, Articulate Studio). This maritime pirate escapade combines the unexpected — drama, humor, adventure, and whimsy — to enliven the more abstract subject of business performance. It invites the viewer to evaluate four key factors that contribute to business success, and that can help avoid collisions in stormy seas. Treasure Hunt video

Curriculum Design & Development

Product or Service Pricing Samples
Curriculum development typically involves the phases and tasks below to produce a complete program for your organization. We typically use:
  • A needs assessment phase to:
    • Research performance gaps
    • Review business, training goals
    • Assess audience characteristics
    • Produce an outline and proposal
  • An implementation phase to:
    • Design, storyboard, & prototype
    • Create or locate media assets
    • Develop and render the content
    • Create user guides and job aids
    • Test (alpha, beta, & end user)
    • Approve & roll out deliverables
    • Train managers and participants
  • A maintenance phase for post-delivery follow-up and support

In short, we use our best-practice, instructional-design techniques to:
  • Adapt your content for eLearning
  • Adapt for blended learning by mixing methods and modes, or
  • Create new content from scratch, as your project objectives dictate!
Pricing is based on complexity, the amount of content to be developed or adapted, and the phases and tasks involved.

All multimedia customizations will be factored in separately.

Contact us to set up a needs assessment and estimate today!
We can deliver your modules as individual, self-contained units or as an entire custom-branded curriculum (samples appear below).

Financial Preparedness for Women training course

Resideo training course

Collectionlab training course