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Attention business owners, managers, and project teams...

You Don’t Ever Have to Be Blindsided
by Project Risks Again...

Now You Can Stop Blaming Yourself (and Others) for
Project Failures — and Also Gain “20:20 Foresight”

From the desk of: Adele Sommers, Ph.D.

Dear Colleague,

’ll bet you’ve encountered at least ONE of these challenges...

  • Your boss has committed your team to a big, new undertaking; however, your colleagues already feel that it’s way beyond their level of expertise.
  • You’re preparing an estimate for a project with a fixed cost and schedule, but the requirements are so vague and poorly defined that you feel queasy just thinking about how you’ll come up with realistic numbers.
  • Your clients are chomping at the bit to get started on a new effort, but you can already see that their timeline is much too short and there aren’t nearly enough skilled people available to do the job.
  • You’re leading a project that’s ballooning out of control because of “scope creep,” yet no one knows a firm, diplomatic way to say “no” to new feature requests, much less prepare a risk assessment.

And so on... These are just some of the challenges you might have run into. You’re probably wondering, “Isn’t there a systematic way to identify the risks, time, and effort required to complete a project — using techniques everyone can agree on and that we can also explain to our stakeholders and managers?”

Thankfully, there is a way to estimate and plan highly successful, low-risk projects... even if you’re brand new to project management!

Introducing the...

Award-Winning “Project Success Kit”

Project Success Kit

  • 3 PDF documents
  • 2 hours of audio

Would you like to get rid of splitting project headaches once and for all? Now you can, with my comprehensive project guide helping your team! The all-digital kit contains:

  • A PDF e-book with a collection of tools and templates that will walk you through a simple process of identifying, evaluating, and handling the most problematic pitfalls and risks, and...
  • Over 120 minutes of MP3 audio with two sets of PDF Transcripts & Note-Taking Guides. They offer even more insights into reducing project risks and planning more effectively!

“The ‘Project Success Kit’ is invaluable,
even for nonprofits...

Sue Maisner“The information was so easy to understand that anyone — without any experience in project management — could use it. It’s very clear, readable, usable, and practical. I was inspired to use some of it when dealing with some of my recent Women’s Community Center projects.

“I found the worksheets for breaking risks into steps the most helpful. The three-fold process was clear: First identify all potential risks, then evaluate each one individually, and then compare them objectively based on numerical scores.

“The examples were also clear and informative. It was useful to have a personal example (a home remodeling project), making it less abstract for people new to this process. The writing style makes the information accessible to the novice or experienced planner.”

— Suzanne Maisner,
Elder Care Project Manager

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Want More Information? Here Are the Details...

The Complete, Downloadable “Project Success Kit”
Contains the Following:

Part 1: “Quick-Start Guide to Project Risk Management” ($39 value)

Project Success KitYou will have instant access to this 56-page, PDF handbook that includes a wide range of tools and templates to help you avoid problems with failed projects due to over-optimism, poor planning, or underestimating your project endeavors.

Learn to recognize six common project traps and 10 major project risks — that you can now tackle instead of ignore — find 9 tips for more accurate estimating, and many other topics and features that are described in more detail below.

Then follow a series of simple, step-by-step instructions on how to work with the risks once you’ve identified them, using a set of easy-to-use interactive forms that will guide your team every inch of the way, and will also automatically calculate your total scores.

Part 2: MP3 Audio Recordings — 120 Minutes Total ($39 value)

MP3 recordingYou’ll have instant access to 2 full hours of interviews that offer in-depth insights into ways to reduce project risks, estimate far more accurately, and plan effectively. These two interviews were part of an 8-week series by Adele Sommers, Ph.D. that were hosted by business training moderator Greg Williams.

The interviews include a bonus Q&A session that covers questions about project models, project reviews, handling change requests and scope creep, and how to conduct successful beta testing.

And, you’ll get...

Part 3: Two Transcripts and Note-Taking Guides ($39 value)

Transcript and note guideYou’ll instantly access 70 pages of PDF Transcripts and Note-Taking Guides (2 sets), which will help you anchor all of the key points in the MP3 audio recordings.

The transcripts and audio expand on my A-to-Z system for identifying, assessing, and managing risks, and further explain the interactive forms found in the “Project Success Kit.”

All together, this package will turn your team into project-risk gurus!

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn...
All of My Project Success Secrets, Including:
Checkmark How to recognize 6 common traps that can cause project failure
Checkmark Ways to identify 10 types of project risks and avoid their pitfalls
Checkmark How to weigh tradeoffs in quality, cost, schedule, and features
Checkmark 2 easy risk-assessment steps that flag potential problems ahead
Checkmark 4 simple risk-mitigation techniques that keep you out of trouble
Checkmark Tips on how to evaluate whether or not to pursue a risky project
Checkmark Effective techniques for mitigating an aggressive schedule risk
Checkmark How to easily score and prioritize the risks you have identified
Checkmark How to craft a risk management strategy for your project plan
Checkmark 9 tips on accurate estimating (and avoid backing into a corner!)
Checkmark How to perform reality checks on your time-and-effort estimates
Checkmark When and how to make realistic adjustments to your estimates
Checkmark 3 ways to use a “complexity factor” for more robust estimating
Checkmark Techniques for minimizing “scope creep” to keep projects on track
Checkmark Why you and your clients should always prioritize work to be done
Checkmark How Murphy's Law affects project planning and execution (audio)
Checkmark Tips for deriving “best practices” from project “lessons learned”
Checkmark 4 techniques for smoothly rolling out your project deliverables
Checkmark How to use a built-in template to create a high-level Project Plan
Checkmark How to use advanced techniques to assess and mitigate risks
Checkmark Bonus Q&A session, including 10 essential beta-testing tips
Checkmark And much, much more!

Price: US $67 $47.Buy button Click now to get instant access!

“Adele, your ‘Project Success Kit’
helped me think beyond my typical role in
managing risk...

Joe Risser“You’ve introduced a project and process perspective that is often missing from risk management. For example, the Guide to Painless Project Planning appendix and related planning checklist are particularly helpful in that regard.

“The Tips for Capturing Lessons Learned worksheet is also a great tool for better anticipating and preventing problems before they arise. For example, by determining the kinds of risks that might surface based on what has already occurred in the past, we can begin to move away from the reactive — and often expensive — mode in which we tend to operate.

“I thought both the basic and advanced versions of the Assessing and Mitigating Risks worksheets presented a simple, clear, and valuable method for identifying and analyzing risks.

I particularly liked the advanced worksheets you’ve included because they are a bit more comprehensive. They manage to incorporate even more relevant factors, but do it in a very straightforward way. And regardless of how you end up scoring a particular risk, the fact that you’re looking at it via a process makes all the difference in the world.

“Your easy-to-use template for producing a Risk Management Plan provides what’s often absent from risk management — documentation. When it’s missing, justifying later why a particular decision was made or what we did to manage a certain risk can be difficult to impossible. Of course, no one ever wants to see the worst-case scenario come to pass. But without the documentation, we can’t answer that burning question: ‘What happened?’

“Thanks for providing a very useful tool kit, Adele.”

— Joseph C. Risser, CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter), ARMP (Associate of Risk Management, Public Entities); and Principal Consultant, Risk Management Design

“Bravo, Adele!!!
I enjoyed every moment of reviewing your
‘Project Success Kit’...

Jean Harrison“I sure wish that I had had something like this when I started managing projects! It would have been a HUGE time and money saver for me to know this stuff up-front rather than having to learn from my mistakes.

“Among the things I found most valuable were the ‘Tips for Accurate Project Estimating.’ I also especially like the checklists, templates, and realistic examples, which make it easy to extrapolate quick reference materials for daily use and for inclusion in standard operating procedures, etc.

“I loved the writing style! You made a (quite) possibly dry subject fun to engage in. I especially liked how you discussed each topic in enough depth to allow for understanding, but didn’t go so deep as to cause information overload and possible rejection.

Also, the inclusion of both ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ checklists is great. The basic version will help folks new to the process avoid overwhelm, while the advanced version allows for growth as people become more comfortable with the processes.

“The teleseminar audio and note-taking guide offer a fun way to actively engage users in their own learning. I really liked this aspect, as it happens to be my primary learning modality.

“Thank you again for the opportunity to review this. I also gained some great reminders along the way!”

— Jean Harrison,
Software Project Manager

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I understand that for only $67.00 $47.00 (while your time-limited discount lasts), I’ll receive a $117 total value that includes 126 pages of content and 120 minutes of audio in the following instantly downloadable files:

PDF documentPDF Guide: “Quick-Start Guide to Project Risk Management”

MP3 audioMP3 Audio: “Project Management Techniques, Part 1” interview

MP3 audioMP3 Audio: “Project Management Techniques, Part 2” interview,
plus the bonus Q&A session recording

PDF documentPDF Transcript: Transcript and Note-Taking Guide for Part 1

PDF documentPDF Transcript: Transcript and Note-Taking Guide for Part 2

I also understand that I’ll receive an automatic free subscription to “Boosting Business Performance, your jam-packed, “how-to,” monthly newsletter (a $129 value), and that I can unsubscribe at any time.

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I know that this tool kit will help your team make an immediate difference in your organization. Not only will they propel your projects to greater success, but your teams will be more productive, organized, and optimistic. Furthermore, your reputation for deftly handling project challenges will soar!

And don’t forget that you have one full year to try it out — risk free — so you’ll have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Here’s to your business success,
Adele Sommers, Ph.D.
Business performance specialist and award-winning author, educator, and speaker

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