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Finally, “Straight Talk” on
Boosting Business Performance
That Gets Results

Learn what you can do today to tune up productivity, grow
customer loyalty, and increase morale, sales, and
profits...even if you’re not in charge

From the desk of: Adele Sommers, Ph.D.

Dear Colleague,

You obviously want success in your organization. You put in long hours getting the work done. You know your own specializations inside out. But how many hours per week do you actually spend studying cutting-edge techniques for boosting productivity and performance?

In all honesty, I’ll bet very few. That’s why I urgently need to tell you...

You and your organization may be consistently overlooking opportunities to:

  • Turn your meetings into gold mines
  • Prevent costly mistakes from error-prone decisions
  • Remove barriers to staff and customer productivity
  • Help personnel become highly proficient and effective
  • Design and develop outstanding products and services
  • Make products and services as reliable and easy to use as possible, and
  • Create routinely exceptional customer experiences that produce raving fans!

Fortunately, you have the power to increase success in each of these areas. You can do it using your authority, being persuasive, training others, modeling new techniques and behaviors, or simply explaining new ideas.

Luckily, there’s a way to make any approach you aim to use ten times easier...

Introducing the...

“Straight Talk” Success Program

The APEX Award-winning 'Straight Talk Success Program' workbook set

“Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance:
12 Ways to Profit from Hidden Potential” Workbook Set

No matter what your role in your organization, this award-winning Workbook Set will show you 12 powerful ways to stop wasting time, effort, and resources and start tapping the hidden potential in your enterprise. Packed with over 80 pages of potent content and delivered with two valuable bonuses, it will help you, your colleagues, or staff increase profitability, boost morale, and produce success — all while also dramatically reducing stress.

“Adele, after reading the first few lines, the only thing I can say is, every company needs this book!

“Most companies suffer from the problems you’re addressing, but I’ve never seen them articulated in quite the way you have. I would say your book should really resonate with a lot of people.”

— John Bowie,
Former User Experience Leader, GE Healthcare Technologies

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Want More Information? Here Are the Details...

The Complete, Downloadable “Straight Talk” Success Program Contains the Following:

PDF Version of the “Straight Talk” Special Report
($59 value)

'Straight Talk Success Program' Special ReportYou will have instant access to the 67-page, interactive PDF version of my award-winning report entitled, “Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance: 12 Ways to Profit from Hidden Potential.”

This guidebook is jargon-free, easy to read, and divided into sections for fast navigation.

And because it's interactive, you can type your ideas directly into the PDF forms provided as you answer the questions throughout. That way, you can print and keep a handy record of all of your responses using Adobe Acrobat or another program.

PDF Version of the “Straight Talk” Workbook
($39 value)

'Straight Talk Success Program' WorkbookYou’ll also have instant access to the 24-page, fill-in-the-blanks companion system called the “Performance Opportunity Plan™ Workbook.”

This step-by-step guide is also interactive. You can type your ideas directly into the PDF forms provided to produce your plan.

As with the Special Report, you can save and update your plan using Adobe Acrobat or another program.

This powerful, success-blueprint generating tool will take to the next level with your team!

Bonus #1: Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling Meetings, first edition ($29 value)

Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling MeetingsYou’ll have access to the 21-page, first edition of my award-winning PDF Bonus Report, “Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling Meetings.”

Want to stop dysfunctional meetings dead in their tracks? Now you can do it with this “How-To” Tool Kit for making your meetings hum and your attendees sing on key. No more sharps or flats to worry about when you have this guide book by your side!

Concise enough to use in a group setting, yet complete enough to give you the A-to-Z tips you need, this guide has 7 potent step-by-step checklists that will erase your meeting headaches forever. It even includes a digital meeting cost calculator that will automatically estimate how much you may be investing — or wasting — on meetings!

Bonus #2: Guide to Painless Project Planning ($29 value)

Guide to Painless Project PlanningYou’ll also have access to my 30-page PDF Bonus Report, “Guide to Painless Project Planning.”

Why do some projects proceed without a hitch, and yet others flounder? One reason may be the type and quality of planning that people perform at the beginning. The ideal approach involves using a project plan.

A project plan is a coordinating tool and communication device that helps people envision, craft, and document the best possible project approach.

This comprehensive “How-To” Tool Kit will help you identify the potential twists and turns of your very next project or program. A series of 18 core questions walks you step by step through the process of uncovering issues that could otherwise emerge as the unexpected “gotchas” in your next endeavor. Use these questions on your own or with your team to arrive at the clearest possible picture of your project from the very beginning!

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Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn:
All of My Business-Boosting Success Secrets, Including:
Checkmark Why you should balance the needs of personnel, customers, and offerings in four major areas of your enterprise (page 10).
Checkmark How to tell whether your enterprise is depending on “shortsighted luck” or “far-sighted savvy” in the area of personnel development (pages 22-24).
Checkmark 7 ways to aim personnel talents along their greatest strengths, and thereby build invaluable expertise (page 25).
Checkmark How missing information can easily become the “Achilles heel” of your business profitability (page 26).
Checkmark Why skill training can be the wrong cure (and a total waste of time and money) for many performance problems (page 27).
Checkmark 13 types of obstacles and barriers that can kill productivity, drag down morale, and erode your bottom line (pages 27-28).
Checkmark 4 critical techniques your company can use to “walk its talk” and gain the best possible performance from personnel (page 29).
Checkmark 5 eye-opening reasons why projects fail, even when they start off with the greatest intentions (pages 34-35).
Checkmark 4 crucial tradeoffs that, whether you realize it or not, can make or break your project’s success (page 35).
Checkmark Why highly profitable, cutting-edge firms routinely apply “lessons learned” from both successful and unsuccessful projects (page 38).
Checkmark The best ways to roll out completed projects smoothly, without disrupting business activities (page 39).
Checkmark Why what you don’t know about your customers’ circumstances can cause you to drastically shortchange your products and services and thereby stunt your business potential (pages 44-47).
Checkmark Why conducting “hassle hunts” can pay off in spades by greatly increasing your customer loyalty and profitability (page 47).
Checkmark How to determine whether your customers think your products and services are easy to use (pages 48-52).
Checkmark Why you should make every effort to turn your buyers into loyal customers and then into raving fans (pages 53-56).
Checkmark And much, much more!

Price: US $47. Buy Click now to get instant access!

“Adele, your expertise in the business world is a
breath of fresh air...

“The ‘Straight Talk’ material was not heavy reading and motivated us to put some of your suggestions to work in our company right away. I know that we have improved meeting and project performance in our company — especially by eliminating wasted time and reducing risks.

“I especially enjoyed the interactive exercises in which we had a hands-on opportunity to learn the materials. I believe your information covering effectiveness and productivity will be of value to us as well.

“If business professionals want to get control of their operations, they should immediately get your reports and e-books. As soon as your principles are put into action, I am certain they will get results.

“Thank you again for sharing your Straight Talk expertise with our company.”

— Dick Stucki,
President, Bonneville Publishing Co.

“Adele, it’s about 3:20 a.m. Monday morning. I was riveted by the content within your product and found time flying as I was reading it...

“If someone is really serious about obtaining peak performance in his or her environment, the overall knowledge-based information presented in the Report and accompanying Workbook is a ‘must read.’ No matter the project or self/personal enhancement being sought, there is information in this Report that anyone and everyone can use.

“The reading is informative, light, and filled with motivating knowledge that should lead the reader that is seeking to improve her environment to effortlessly flip from one page to another. Stories and quotes serve as inspiration and allow the reader to gain additional insight into the deeper meaning of performance opportunities.

“The Workbook takes that analysis to the next level by allowing the reader to participate in knowledge-based exercises that give a real hands-on approach to the material. I found myself reflecting on past experiences and gaining insight into how I might have addressed some situations differently. The forms are not only useful and very easy to work with, but they add real value to the entire product.

“I really perceive this Report as having something for everyone who is serious about enhancing performance.”

— Greg Williams,
Business Consultant, Educational Programs Moderator, and Trainer

365-Day, 100% Money-Back, Risk-Free Guarantee

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWith any of my products, you are completely protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee for one full year. If a product fails to live up to your expectations within that 12-month period, I will immediately refund your money. No questions asked.

Ready to Get Started?

YES, Adele — I want to order your “Straight Talk Success Program” so I can boost productivity, shore up morale, and drive new life into my profitability!

I understand that for only $47.00, I’ll receive a $156 total value that includes a total of 131 pages of content in the following instantly downloadable PDF files:

PDF documentSpecial Report: “Straight Talk on Boosting Business Performance:
12 Ways to Profit from Hidden Potential”

PDF documentWorkbook: “Performance Opportunity Plan™ Workbook”

PDF documentBonus #1: “Guide to Running Highly Focused, Compelling Meetings,” basic first edition

PDF documentBonus #2: “Guide to Painless Project Planning”

I’ll have all the information I need to get started right away. I’m also protected by your 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, so I have nothing to lose.

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Take it from me, most companies wait too long to figure how to prevent and solve business performance and morale problems. So, why delay until your organization is unraveling at the seams?

Remember, to get started, you’ll just need a basic blueprint to begin moving things in the right direction. And that’s exactly what my “Straight Talk Success Program” will give you, plus much more. Be assured it will not be complicated! In fact, you will be relieved to know you are shaping a new direction for your organization, and excited about the prospects for the future.

And don’t forget that you have one full year to try it out — risk free — so you’ll have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Here’s to your business success,
Adele Sommers, Ph.D.
Business performance specialist and award-winning author, educator, and speaker

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Any claims made or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's or organization's success depends on individual backgrounds, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn money, increase profits, or achieve specific results.